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Getty Visual Resources Internship – Scripps College – Claremont, CA

Scripps College

In the summer of 2019, for the twenty-seventh consecutive year, the Williamson Gallery will hire a full-time, ten-week intern sponsored by the Getty Grant Program.

This information is intended to be a descriptive of the key responsibilities of the position. The list of essential functions below does not identify all duties performed by any single incumbent in this position. Perform other duties as assigned.

  • The Visual Resources Intern will help continue the digitization of slides into the online database of visual arts resources used for teaching at Scripps and in the Joint Art History Program at the Claremont Colleges. The intern, who will be trained in the Embark system by Visual Resources Curator John Trendler, will photograph, scan, and optimize images as well as assist with social media for the gallery. John Trendler will train the intern in these processes. In addition, the intern may be asked to participate in the social media that the gallery engages in, including Facebook entries, blogging, and Instagram.
  • Active support for the College‚Äôs Principles of Community and Principles of Diversity in the performance of job duties.
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