Wayne United Internship – Wayne County Government – Detroit, MI

Wayne County Government

We are looking for an intern who has completed at least one year of college and can balance school work and work. While no particular academic concentration is required, extensive knowledge of communication and social media tools is necessary, and a familiarity with the social sciences, arts, and humanities may be particularly useful. The ability to speak and understand a language other than English is not required, but is preferred. Languages frequently encountered in Wayne County include Arabic, Spanish, Albanian, Chaldean, Bengali, Hmong, Vietnamese, and Bosnian.

This intern should be comfortable, preferably, eager to work with persons of diverse nationalities, ethnicities, cultures, language groups, and experiences; have the ability to conduct him or herself with tact and courtesy, and to remain calm and not be defensive, reactive, or argumentative if confronted by persons with beliefs and values different from his or her own; have ability to express him or herself well both orally and in writing; possess a valid Michigan driver’s license and have access to an operable automobile for required travel.

Intern should be available to work 8 – 15 hours per week, with time devoted to working with Wayne United for a period of no less than one semester. Work hours will be from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, with some evening and weekend work possible. The intern will be based out of the Guardian Building in the Wayne County Executive Office, 500 Griswold 9th Floor, Detroit Michigan 48226.

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