Associate Producer (Internship) – The Video Call Center – Palisades, NY

The Video Call Center


Internship: Associate Producer

Hours: 12 hours per week minimum

(Shows currently in production: 90 Day Fiance, Daily Blast Live, WKRC, Fox Sports)

The Video Call Center is looking for a creative individual who will work as an Associate Producer on professional television broadcasts. The position offers live producing experience, where the intern will be hands on in helping shape Television shows. In hours not on air, we ask our interns to have a skill set in another creative field, whether it be photo editing, web coding/designing, video editing, hosting, graphic design, and/or motion animation. These skill sets are vital to help produce programs and marketing materials for the VCC. We would also like to offer paid hours above those that are required to take this for course credit.

About the VCC: The Video Call Center is a small startup working on revolutionizing television and bringing it into the social media age. We are developing a new television genre, Video-Caller Television, and its enabling technologies.

Video-Caller TV is an adaptation of call-in talk-radio where instead of using regular phones, callers from anywhere in the world can use their smartphones to visually join the conversation. The VCC has worked extensively on optimizing the workflow needed to produce Video-Caller TV, including the development of the Caller Acquisition Tool (CAT) and the Host Automation Tool (HAT). The CAT allows callers to be screened before being put on air, which merges the openness of social media with the responsibility of mass media. The HAT gives a host the control of the show, and allows them to bring in any caller that has been cleared by the CAT system. The VCC also has developed the Remote Host Unit to allow a host to control a show from anywhere with an internet connection.

Helpful skills:
– Experience in a live television environment.
– Proficiency in the Adobe Creative Cloud programs.
– Thoroughness and an eye for detail.
– Ability to work flexible hours

Job Type: Internship

Work Location:

  • One location
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