Community and Internship Coordinator, AMS IV – New Visions for Public Schools – Queens, NY

New Visions for Public Schools

Organizational Mission and Vision

New Visions Charter High Schools (NVCHS) provide all students, regardless of their previous academic history, the highest quality education in an atmosphere of respect, responsibility and rigor. We ensure that our students have the skills and knowledge to graduate ready for college, pursue a career, and engage with the 21st century economy. We develop learning experiences that allow risk-taking, cultivate students’ imaginative and creative abilities, and celebrate achievement. Through an intensive study of math concepts in our math and science schools, and literature, English, social studies and arts in our humanities schools, students learn how to generate research questions, develop the skills necessary to answer those questions, create products that demonstrate understanding, and defend their knowledge publicly.

Detailed Job Responsibilities

Program Implementation and Internship Procurement

  • Develop short- and long-term goals, policies, procedures, forms for internship program
  • Collaborate with New Visions Community Engagement unit to Identify, cultivate and sustain internship, enrichment and career opportunities for students
  • Coordinate internship placement interviews and placement logistics
  • Plan and implement feedback summary/forum for community and internship partners to reflect on the year, develop new strategies to enhance the internship program, and foster new opportunities

Internship Placement and Supervision

  • Work directly with students on internship and enrichment applications
  • Review and edit student resumes and cover letters
  • Prepare all students for interviews, through classes, written materials and/or one-on-one phone calls/meetings/emails
  • Supervise students through weekly check-ins/site visits and provide ongoing feedback
    Communicate with students’ on-site supervisors and provide support
  • Facilitates the resolution of concerns brought forward by students, faculty, and/or internship site personnel
    Teach weekly career-readiness classes for seniors
    Plan and administer end-of-place evaluations for interns and supervisors
    Track of student hours and coach students in their individual internship interests to align students’ interests with opportunities
  • Maintain detailed records of student referrals, placements and outcomes


  • Learn and work with school specific adopted administrative technology (Google docs, email, PowerSchool, ATS, etc.)


  • Strong existing ties to the NYC professional community highly preferred
  • Strong networking experience and a proven ability to generate new leads and referrals through cold-calling, networking, and other approaches.
  • Persistence and a genuine passion for youth development
  • Demonstrated commitment to the school vision and mission
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience and zeal for working in an entrepreneurial school environment
  • Attention to detail and ability to manage multiple deadlines with the ability to think and act strategically


  • Bachelors Degree from an accredited college required
  • Excellent computer skills including proficiency with Google docs and Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Word and Excel
  • Ability to perform general office management tasks

New Visions for Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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